Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Try a Little Texture

Mat boards blend style with function. They’re a useful element for holding acrylic off your art, allowing air to circulate in the frame treatment to prevent deterioration, and ensuring the art doesn’t stick to the acrylic. Aesthetically, they can change the scale of a piece, add depth, and accentuate certain colors in the piece.

Some mat boards, like American®Frame’s selection of Bainbridge Alphamat® Artcare™ Linen mats, can also add texture to your framing treatment. With 4-ply construction and a conservation-quality white core, they have a fade and bleed resistant linen surface, and also feature conservation-quality backing. And with Bainbridge’s patented Artcare technology, they’ll actively protect your art from harmful gases so it looks great for years.

We offer our AlphaLinen mats in seven neutral shades to compliment your artwork.
4020 White Cloud – a highly textured bright white
4091 Meringue – a tighter, more subtle texture in a cream color

4022 Seurat Sand – a highly textured dark cream color

4097 Camel – A tighter, subtle texture in a tan color

4024 Vermeer Black – a highly textured black

4427 Chino – A tan linen with light grey fibers woven throughout for a nod to business casual slacks

4428 Heather Grey – A grey linen with cream fibers woven through for a tailored look reminiscent of men’s and women’s suiting

Not sure which color is right for your project? We offer free samples of all our mats so you can ensure it will look perfect. Order one now by clicking on the mat you like then on “Add Sample to Cart” on the left side of the mat description page.
Need help choosing the right mat? Our framing experts are just a phone call away.  Or, try our new Art Assistant™ program for a free in-depth framing consultation.


  1. I still love that Heather Grey matboard. I'm not sure what art to frame it with though.

  2. And with Bainbridge’s patented Artcare technology, they’ll actively protect your art from harmful gases so it looks great for years...

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