Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Get Professional Results with Canvas Printing

Treat your favorite shots or most-loved artwork to a professional display. Canvas printing creates a modern look that pulls eyes to your art. American®Frame offers a variety of options to print and frame canvas works so you can let your creativity run wild.

Types of Canvas

We offer four canvas printing options: Unstretched, Standard Stretch, Museum Wrap, and Gallery Wrap. Whatever option you choose, you’ll get a bright, white canvas that stands out beautifully against our exceptionally vibrant ink, featuring deep blacks and a wide color spectrum perfect for any type of art, from Giclee fine art to photo printing. Learn more about our printing technology here.


·         This type of canvas comes flat or rolled and is a great option for those who wish to build their own frame or ship their work a long distance.

·         Unstretched canvas features a high tensile strength, meaning it can hold up well to stretching without tearing or cracking, and a non-reflective, uncoated surface.

·         395gsm, 23 mil Cotton-Poly Blend

·         Acid free, Lignin free

·         Minimum size 1” x 1” –Maximum wide 40”

Standard Stretch

·         This type of canvas is the artist standard for framed canvas, and is recommended if you intend to frame your canvas print.

·         The image is centered on ¾" stretcher bars and stapled to all 4 sides.

·         395gsm, 23 mil Cotton-Poly Blend

·         Acid free, Lignin free

·         Lamination is required. Choose from UV protected Matte or UV protected Luster finish

·         Minimum size: 8" x 8" – Maximum size: 38" x 48"

Museum Wrap

·         Featuring a centered image with white borders on the sides of the wrap, the canvas in a museum wrapped is wrapped around 1 ½ inch stretcher bars and stapled to the back.

·         It’s recommended when you want viewers to see elements of the image close to its edge, as it won’t obscure them.

·         395gsm, 23 mil Cotton-Poly Blend

·         Acid free, Lignin free

·         Lamination required. Select UV protected Matte or UV protected Luster finish.

·         Minimum size: 8“ x 8" – Maximum size: 36" x 45"

Gallery Wrap

·         A gallery wrap has no white border on the sides, meaning parts of your image will be visible only on the sides of the display. This works best for images with a lot of background on all sides. A wide-shot photograph of a child in a grassy field, for instance, would work well in a gallery wrap, because some of the flowers and grass would be wrapped on the side of the display. If your art includes important details around the sides of the image, a museum wrap is a better option.

·         When designing your canvas package on our website, the portion that will be wrapped around will be highlighted in red.

·         The image is centered and wrapped around 1 ½" stretcher bars on all 4 sides and stapled

to the back.

·         395gsm, 23 mil Cotton-Poly Blend

·         Acid free, Lignin free

·         Lamination is required.  Choose from UV protected Matte or UV protected Luster finish.

·         Minimum size: 8“ x 8" – Maximum size: 36" x 45".

Framing your canvas 

Canvas wraps look beautiful on their own, but some people like to add an extra dash of drama by framing them. American Frame offers multiple frame options specifically designed for canvas wraps. Available in wood and metal, traditional and contemporary, these frames are the perfect finishing touch for canvas art or photography.

Canvas Float Frames

These wood and metal frames are designed to give the appearance that your stretched canvas is ‘floating’ within the frame. The face of the frame does not touch the artwork. If you would like a float gap (small space between the edge of the canvas and the frame, typically measuring from ¼” to ¾”) add it into your measurements when you order.

Offered in a variety of finishes, from trendy metallic to classic solid maple, cherry, and walnut, wood canvas frames come pre-joined. Just attach your canvas with the provided screws by inserting them through the pre-drilled holes in your frame, into the back of the wooden stretcher bars. If you’re printing your canvas with American Frame, we can attach it for you so it is ready to hang when you receive it.

We also offer a metal canvas float frame in a matte black or German silver anodized finish. This metal frame kit will come with the corner brackets necessary to assemble the frame, as well as the screws needed to attach the canvas through the pre-drilled holes in the back of the frame.  They can also arrive pre-assembled around the canvas if ordered in conjunction with a printed canvas.

Canvas Depth Frames

Offered in both wood and metal and an array of styles and colors, Canvas Depth frames have the deep rabbet necessary to accommodate your canvas. Choose a frame that has a ‘R’ measurement (rabbet depth) that is greater than the depth of your canvas.

The wood frames come pre-joined and include the necessary spring clips to secure your canvas into the frame. Metal frames are shipped as a DIY kit with the corner brackets and spring clips necessary to assemble and secure your canvas. All you need is a screwdriver.
Have questions about your project? Use our free Art Assistant™ service to be matched with a framing expert who can help bring your project to life.


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  2. This metal frame kit will come with the corner brackets necessary to assemble the frame, as well as the screws needed to attach the canvas through the pre-drilled holes in the back of the frame..

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