Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Deck the Halls with Framed Creations

Christmas decorations usually bring to mind lush evergreen wreaths, sprigs of holly, and – of course– decorated trees.
And although these bits of nature can beautifully transform your house into a winter wonderland, there is another decorative touch to consider. Frames can do so much more than display photographs. They can add holiday charm to any room – without all the dead needles.

Here are a few clever options we love.
Frame Wreath

Instead of hanging the same old wreath on your door this year, opt for a playful alternative. A frame decorated with bows, ornaments, or other holiday trinkets can act as a whimsical wreath stand-in. You could also build a tree shape out of classic round ornaments and accent it with a frame of your choice.

Shadow Box

With a deep frame and acrylic glazing, you can create a festive shadow box to hang on the wall or stand upright on a table. What do you place in it? Whatever you’d like. Add tiny faux trees and cotton to create a wintery landscape. Fill it with treasured holiday ornaments that may be too delicate or oversized for your tree. Or use it to display favorite holiday photos. You’re limited only by your imagination.

Hosting a holiday party? Small, festive frames add an elegant touch to seating cards. For a larger gathering like a company party, they’re also great for holding signs that direct guests to the bar, the coat check, or other areas.


A countdown to Christmas is one of the most exciting things about the season, especially for little ones. Frame a chalkboard so the children can tick off the days until Santa’s arrival, or write their own holiday messages.
Holiday Items

Framed wrapping paper is a fast and unexpected way to decorate for the season. You might also frame the sheet notes or album cover for your favorite holiday song. We even offer record and CD display kits to make it easy. Perhaps your child has a pair of holiday mittens or a Santa hat they can no longer wear. Maybe you have some unusual holiday greeting cards from years past. They’d all look right at home in a beautiful frame.

Which frames should you use for your holiday d├ęcor projects? It depends on the look you’re going for. Brightly colored red or green metal frames create an eye-catching modern look. For a more timeless effect, opt for a gold wood frame, or a natural deep cherry finish. Looking for a bit of country charm? A rustic frame conjures images of crackling fireplaces and cozy flannel.

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