Thursday, November 29, 2018

A Quick Guide Using to Non-Glare Acrylic

Displaying artwork involves more than just choosing an eye-catching mat and frame. It’s also a perfect opportunity to add protection to your work.

Acrylic glazing is great for preserving your art or photography against damage from dust, U.V. rays, smoke, and other contaminants. American Frame offers four kinds of acrylic glazing: Standard, U.V Protection, Non Glare, and U.V.Non Glare.

Many artists prefer using Non-Glare or U.V. Non-Glare acrylic so their audience can easily see the art as they intended it, without much visible distortion. But placing it in your frame is somewhat different than using other types of acrylic.

Non-Glare and U.V. Non-Glare acrylic glazing contain two sides: one shiny and one matte.

We’ve included stickers to let you know which side should face the artwork. That makes inserting the acrylic into your frame easy and worry-free.

If you’ve removed the stickers before installing the acrylic, just look for the shinier side of the acrylic. That side should face the artwork, while the matte side should face the viewer.
Excess space between the art and the acrylic can cause image distortion. So we recommend against using spacers with Non-Glare or U.V. Non-Glare acrylic.

Have more questions about acrylic glazing? Contact our customer service experts.


  1. I'm not a huge fan of non-glare acrylic, but it's really helpful to know that having a large space between the NG acrylic and your artwork could cause image distortion!

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