Friday, October 26, 2018

Frame Sealing Tape and Why It’s Important

If framed art has an enemy, it’s acids. They can yellow and decay your paper-based photographs, newspaper clippings, and paintings. And they may be hiding in your framing materials, ready to destroy your art when exposed to light.
Luckily, keeping acids out of your frame display is as easy as sticking to archival and conservation-quality products, including mats, mounting boards, and sealing tape.

Frame sealing tape is used to seal rabbets in wood frame displays to keep acids from migrating. It can also be used to seal frame backs or packages to protect against mildew, mold, corrosive gasses, and other contaminants. It’s another layer of protection to keep anything that may harm far from it.

I-Film Self-Adhesive Frame Sealing Tape is made from archival polyethylene material embedded with a non-yellowing copper matrix, which is coated with an acrylic adhesive. It’s strong, flexible, and puncture resistant, making application easy, even on raw wood. And its Corrosion Intercept® Protection (CIT) stops acid, corrosive gases, mildew and mold before they reach your art.

Need help choosing conservation-quality products for your framing project? Call us. We’re happy to help.


  1. This product is hard to find in stores. Thank you for carrying it!


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