Friday, October 26, 2018

An Easy Lesson on Entering Frame Dimensions

At American Frame, we want the framing process to be as easy as possible. That’s why we created the “CUSTOMIZE THIS FRAME” feature on our website. After selecting a frame, this design tool walks you through the remaining steps, from inputting the correct frame size to choosing accessories like mat and mounting boards.

But for first-time framers, questions may still arise. When buying a frame, our “CUSTOMIZE THIS FRAME” tool lets you choose between designing by inputting the “Art size” and the “Frame size” Recently, a customer called to inquire about the difference between these two measurements.

“Art size” refers to the measurements of the art itself. If you’d like to play with mat board choices and proportions, designing by art size will automatically calculate them for you.

“Frame Size” here refers to the matted dimensions of the frame, and accounts for the art, mat board, and acrylic. If you know the size of the frame and mat you need, enter it here. Perhaps you’re replacing a frame you already own and want the same size mat.

For example, here’s how you’d order a frame for a piece measuring 16 ¾ x 11 ¼. Simply enter those measurements into the  “Art Size,” field. Then, hit “next” to see the other options, including mats, glazing, and mounting. When you reach the mat field,the system will instantly adjust for a 1/8” overlap on all sides of the artwork, so the art won’t fall through the mat window opening. (If you don’t need to overlap your artwork because you are leaving a reveal to let some of the paper show, you can change this overlap to zero.)  In the frame design workflow, the art size will remain the same, and the frame size will change based on your selections. All final dimensions, art size, mat size, and outside frame sizes are always updated through the process under the rendering of the frame kit for reference.

If your artwork is already matted or you’re simply framing a poster, use the “Enter Frame Size” fields. For example, if you bought a matted piece and the outside dimensions of the mat are 16x20, you will enter 16x20 as your frame size. Please note: the complete frame size (or how much wall space is covered by the frame) is always shown in the graphic throughout the process.

If you have other questions along the way or need additional guidance, please call, email, or chat with us. Our expert customer service team loves to turn framing problems into creative solutions.



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