Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Getting Creative with Mats

A collection of frames in a similar color or style is a great way to unify a series of photography or artwork. But it’s not the only technique you can use. Sometimes, the creative use of mat boards is the best way to weave a common thread through your display.
Color and texture can be used to bring diverse pieces of art together. Our website design tool facilitates easy creation of double and triple mats, giving work added dimension and allowing the artist to incorporate various textures and thicknesses of mat boards. We suggest choosing a hue that mimics a color found in the photos or paintings.

 For even more color, use multiple mats on each frame. It gives your work added dimension, and allows you to experiment with colors and thicknesses. Choose high-textured rag or linen mats for even more visual interest.  Using a metallic mat or a black mat in a double-mat treatment can create eye-catching unexpected impact, giving your art depth and distinction.. You could even get playful by using one color for one of the mats in each treatment, while varying the hues of the second or third mats to create a more subtle unifying visual theme.
Another way to visually connect art is through collage mats. We can custom-cut one mat to showcase multiple photos or pieces of art, so you can frame them together in the same frame.  And since you choose the size of the mat as well as the size, number, and shape of the cuts, the options are limitless. To order a collage mat, simply draw out your diagram including all window openings and mat borders and email to us at Need help? Give us a call.
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  1. Those mats are a great choice for that bird picture.

  2. Sometimes a double or even triple mat really bring the piece to life. That bird image looks fantastic with those mat choices. It's definitely something to keep in mind with new pieces to frame.


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