Thursday, September 27, 2018

An Easier Way to Prepare for Art Shows

Sometimes, you can plan in advance for a show. It’s on your calendar every year, and there’s plenty of time to buy the frames, mats, backing boards, and art and photo bags you need to display and sell your work.
But there are also other kinds of shows. The ones that pop up last minute and leave you scrambling to find the materials you need or risk losing the opportunity to get your art in front of the right eyes.

For the latter scenario, there’s finally a solution. Our new Art Show Kits put everything you need for a show together, so you’re just a few clicks between “caught off guard” and “totally prepared.”
In each kit, we’ve included 25 pre-cut mat boards, 25 foam core backing boards, and 25 resealable archival clear art and photo bags. Choose from general purpose or archival kits, depending on your needs. The general purpose kit features the Bainbridge Papermat Extreme White E4709 Mat Board with a Standard Mounting Board. The archival kit features the Bainbridge Alphamat Spanish White 8463 Mat Board with an Archival Mounting Board.

Both kits are available in the following sizes:
5x7 to fit 3x5 artwork
8x10 to fit 4x6 artwork
8x10 to fit 5x7 artwork
11x14 to fit 8x10 artwork
11x14 to fit 8 1/2x11 artwork
16x20 to fit 11x14 artwork
20x24 to fit 16x20 artwork
Need prints of your work? Our fine art and photography printing services offer professional results at affordable prices.


  1. The Spanish White mat board is my favorite and I'm glad it's included in this art show kit! What a great resource for artists of all types!

  2. this is the best! I use these all the time!

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