Thursday, August 2, 2018

(Not) Stuck on You: Mounting Corners

Sometimes, adhesive is a lifesaver. It’s the magic behind sticky notes. It keeps art from slipping in its frame. And it has thousands of other uses in our daily lives.
But there are some places it shouldn’t go.
The original copy of your parent’s wedding photo, a yellowing historical newspaper article, even a valuable vintage baseball card, or prized stamp collection all deserve the highest in protection, without a trace of sticky glue that might damage them.
That’s where mounting corners come in. They’re the adhesive-free way to safely mount paper-based art, photography, or keepsakes. Designed from pressure-sensitive polyester, these miniature pockets firmly hold photos and other works on paper in place.
Since the adhesive is on the back of each corner, they’ll hold tightly to your mounting board and let you easily unframe the art. It’s easy to mount the corners to your board and slip the artwork in or mount after the work is tucked securely into the corners.
And since you want people to see your art, not what’s holding it in place, our archival mounting corners are crystal clear and non-yellowing, designed to hold the work invisibly for decades.
Mounting corners are best for works below 20” x 24”. Anything larger than that requires more support to avoid slippage.  Mounting strips are required to hold large items securely. 
So, go ahead. Dig your favorite pieces out of storage and treat them to a custom framing treatment. Your work will be safe, secure, and adhesive-free.
Have more framing questions? Browse our robust How-To section, or contact us.



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