Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Concert Creations: Framing Rock Posters

Summer was made for outdoor concerts.
Nothing beats belting out your favorite songs under the stars, scant feet from your favorite band.

It’s the kind of moment we wish could last forever. And one way to preserve the memory is taking home a concert poster.

Here are some tips and inspiration to keep your musical memories looking pristine for years to come.
Posters are usually sold rolled up. That’s perfect for toting them home from the venue, but not so great for long-term storage. It can cause wrinkles, tears, and other damage. So, if your poster was stored rolled up, we recommend flattening it and storing it in an acid-free portfolio or mounting it on an acid-free self-adhesive mounting board. Steer clear of cardboard, as it contains acid, which could discolor the poster.



It’s important to use acid-free materials to preserve the poster. Try UV resistant acrylic glazing, especially for signed posters.
Posters are often glossy, so consider using mats or spacers to keep the acrylic from sticking to the poster. Otherwise, the poster can eventually fuse itself to the acrylic or the pigment in the poster can transfer onto the acrylic.

Be on the lookout for acid when it comes to mounting the poster as well. Typically, concert posters should not be dry-mounted but rather hinged to a mat board with an acid-free linen tape so you can reframe the poster without damage, especially if it is signed.

Now the fun part choosing the frame and accessories to go with the poster. Because posters often have vibrant colors and unique design details, try using mats and frames that will highlight them. In our examples, we used the following materials.

KISS poster

TW235 Tangerine Metal Frame – we selected this frame to emphasize the skull on the boot

8474 Persian Saphhire Mat – we chose this as a bottom mat to draw further attention boot and the details
8433 Jet Mat – This was the perfect top mat to give the eye a break between the graphics/bright blue mat and the orange frame

Ace Frehley poster

TW233 Purple Haze Metal Frame – We chose this frame to match the purples within the poster.

8003 Gold Mat – This mat with a ½” reveal was selected to draw attention to the rings and sunglasses in the poster.
8107 Peacock Mat – We chose this mat to highlight the intricate design of the jacket.

Ready to frame your poster? Share the results with us. Take a photo of your creation and Tweet it to @AmericanFrame using #AmericanFramed or email it to

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