Friday, June 29, 2018

Logan Dual Drive Elite Point Driver Now at American Frame

If you use both rigid and flexible points when securing artwork into a wood frame, you probably get tired of switching between point drivers. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were one tool that could handle both kinds of points?

Now there is.

American Frame now carries the Logan Dual PointDriver Elite. It’s designed to fire stacks of either rigid or flexible inserts into all types of wood frame moldings and features a tension adjustment for harder woods. It makes securing your art stack or canvas into wood frames a breeze, no matter which kind of points you have on hand. And its comfort-grip handle ensures your hands won’t tire, even during marathon framing sessions.

So, now that you can use either type of points, which should be your go-to? It depends on your plans for the art. We’ve also added Logan rigid and flexible points as well.

Rigid Points  — Rigid points provide a more permanent solution to assembling a frame. These are more often used with long-term permanent artwork and often feature backing paper to finish a frame and cover the points. But if you plan on reframing your piece, these may not be your best bet. They can’t be bent, like flexible points can, so pliers must be used to remove the entire point from the frame itself.

Flexible Points  — These points allow the user to bend them after a frame has been assembled, so the artwork can be removed without removing the point from the wood. Flexible points can be bent by hand and then bent back into place when the frame is reassembled. If you’re new to framing, and want more leeway to change the framing treatment after finishing it, or if you plan to eventually reframe the piece, opt for flexible points.

Can’t decide between the two? Stock up on both. The Logan Dual Point Driver Elite will let you switch between them effortlessly, for any framing job.

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  1. Does this work on any wood frame?

  2. Okie, I need to buy one for some works.

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