Friday, June 29, 2018

Here’s a Tip: Experiment with Frame and Mat Combinations

Black and white is a classic combination. The two colors contrast stunningly and match almost any type of art or décor. So, it’s no surprise that it’s the most popular mix of mats and frames our customers purchase.
But we all feel like mixing it up once in awhile. And our wide selection of mat and frame colors allows you to do that easily.
Experiment with colors and textures in your framing treatment, especially to highlight certain subtle colors within your artwork. Explore using multiple mats, or extra thick 6 or 8 ply mats to add extra dimension and make your artwork stand out in a crowd.
Ready to start? Here are some interesting combinations to try, courtesy of Showroom Manager Lindsey Harrison.

This Sea Green Bainbridge AlphaMat mat mimics the colors in the water, while the Bainbridge Alphamat board in Spanish white creates a visual break between the photo and mat. The rustic blue-grey frame adds texture while mirroring the clouds in the sky.
The light cherry finish on this frame highlights the warm tones in the sunset while the Alphamat Artcare mat in Chameleon pulls the blue from the sky and water. The grain of the frame also imitates the movement in the clouds and water.
This Alphamat Artcare mat in Marigold brings out the richness of the sunset, while the black core of the taupe mat provides a nice outline for the artwork.  The warm colors of the sunset are again picked up in the beaded detail of the black wood frame.
The warm metallic bronze of this metal frame perfectly captures the warm sun glistening off the water and the steel grey of this Alphamat Artcare mat emphasizes the dark clouds rolling over it.
This rustic black wood frame reflects the lighthearted beachy feeling the lighthouse evokes, and the texture provided by the frame draws your attention to the movement in the rolling clouds. The AlphaEssentials mat in Sand provides a neutral background for the photo and helps to emphasize the brown tones in the frame. The frame also has undertones of blue which helps draw your eye to the storm clouds.
Here, we’ve added a mint metal frame to draw your eye into the waterfall and pick up the greens in the water. The soft white Alphamat mat is an ideal background to provide a break between the frame and art, and also highlights the mist from the water.
The texture of this Chino AlphaLinen mat, reminiscent of menswear, has several shades of grey, white, and tan woven into it. The putty-colored wood frame picks up on the grey tones and allows the texture of the linen weave to stand out.

Artist credit: Stephanie Prechter artist/photographer


  1. Very stylish frames for paintings. I love the minimalist and laconic design. I think that they can fit very well in any interior.

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