Monday, May 7, 2018

Wisk Vs. Brush: What’s the Difference?

At American Frame, we carry two great products that help you ensure your art stack is free of debris before you frame and hang it. One is our static wisk. The other is our dusting brush. They’re both great for cleaning your art or photography, but there are subtle differences to look for.

The static wisk is designed to dissipate static from acrylic, while also brushing away dust, lint, and other debris from the art or mat. The dusting brush, on the other hand, eliminates debris from the art or mat, but isn’t effective in removing static from acrylic.

So, if you’re concerned about static, choose the static wisk. If you just need to ensure that your art looks spotless while it's displayed, the less-expensive dusting brush is a great option.

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