Monday, May 7, 2018

Wedding photos are meant to last a lifetime.

Whether you’re displaying moments from your own nuptials, or framing photos for a client or loved one, you want to know they’ll look just as gorgeous decades from now as they do today.

At American Frame, we reproduce wedding photos. Just upload the images and select the paper or other printable media. Our wide selection of paper means you’ll find the perfect surface for your wedding photos. Choose from four resin-coated photographic papers: Epson Premium Glossy, Epson Premium Luster, Canson Baryta Photographique 310, and Moab Slickrock Metallic Pearl. Each has varying levels of shine. For more about choosing the right paper read this blog post.

Give photographs a professional finish with our canvas options or turn heads with photos printed on acrylic or aluminum surfaces.

The next step is choosing the frame, mats, and other accessories. We’ve compiled some of our favorite elegant wood and metal frames for wedding photos to make the selection process easy. If you order the frame the same time as the print, we can send the assembled treatment to you. Is the frame a gift? We offer gift wrapping services complete with a hand-written card for just $5.00 more. Want to choose your frame later? We’ll send the print alone, so you can frame at your leisure.

Don't want to design your own framing treatments? We also carry ready-made wedding day frame sets, complete with top and bottom mat boards, mounting boards, acrylic glazing, and hardware.

Trust American Frame’s framing experts to take away the worry of preserving your most precious moments.

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