Wednesday, November 29, 2017

These are a few of our favorite frames.

Browse Our Staff’s Favorite Frames

We love art and the people who create it. And we're proud that many artists work at American Frame. Each has a favorite frame and a specific way they use it to complement their work. 

Name: Rebecca Johnson
Position: Cutting Room Production
Your favorite frame: #8411
Why you love it: It’s nice to look at, simple to work with, and matches my artwork easily.
How you’ve used it: Wedding invitations and family photos.

Name: Heather McAllister
Position: Cutting Room Supervisor
Your favorite frame: #AF104
Why you love it: Its shape and
clean lines go with everything. I've framed awards, family photos and wedding invitations with it. It’s like a nice pair of jeans; you can dress it down or dress it up.

Name: Jamie Carlin
Position: Customer Service
Your favorite frame: #206 natural
Why you love it: It’s subtle and made from a solid American hardwood.
How you’ve used it: For all of my own artwork. It has a great gallery look that isn’t distracting to the work, but holds itself up well.

Name: Nancy Frey
Position: Production Manager
Your favorite frame: #80033
Why you love it: It goes with so many pieces of art. The size doesn’t overpower the art, but enhances it. The design is gentle and pleasing. I love the very slight hint of purple/red accent on some of the texture.
How you’ve used it: To frame wedding pictures and invitations.
Name: Janine Renard
Position: Commercial Framing Department (Dry-Mounter)
Your favorite
frame: #51407
Why you love it: Sometimes you just need some depth to make your art pop. I also like the texture.
How you’ve used it: With nature photos.
Name: Christine Steven
Position: Showroom Attendant
Your favorite frame: #206
Why you love it: It makes
artwork look modern. I like the clean lines and neutral finish.
How you’ve used it: To update an antique map.
Name: Chris Brown
Position: Commercial Department Assistant Manager
Your favorite frame: #79613
Why you love it: It’s silvery and elegant, with just the right amount of distressed detailing. I also like its versatility.

How you’ve used it: With dark mats and black and white photographs.
Name: Ramon Keys
Position: Showroom Attendant, Social Media, Marketing Assistant
Your favorite frame: Tarnished Pewter Wood Frame #332902
Why you love it: It’s a surprisingly versatile frame. It has an industrial texture that works well with a lot of art.
How you’ve used it: On floated Degas drawings.


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