Friday, October 27, 2017

Four Ways to Frame a Picasso

Four Ways to Frame a Picasso

When you think of artists who defied convention, Pablo Picasso undoubtedly comes to mind. He was born on this day - October 25th - in 1881, and even though he died in 1973, his surreal works remain among the most sought-after in the art world. In 2015, his Version O from the “Les Femmes d'Alger” series sold for $179.4 million at Christie's New York.

Whether you’re displaying an actual Picasso print or drawing inspiration from him in your own work, consider a frame that complements the art, but doesn’t overwhelm it. Here are some suggestions, using a Picasso-inspired print.

A Gold Wood Frame


Picasso often displayed his own work in antique gilded frames. You can achieve a similar look with one of our gold wood frames. We suggest this gold and black wood frame if you want an elegant antique feel.

A Black Frame


Sometimes, a brilliant painting needs little fanfare. Let it stand on its own with a simple black metal frame. Metal not your style? An understated black wood frame will work just as well.

A Blue Metal Frame


Displaying a piece from Picasso’s famous blue period? Enhance the somber feel with a blue frame, like our lovely lapis blue model that takes its name from the semi-precious stone of the same hue.

A Dash of Color


Picasso was a bold artist who pushed social boundaries and popularized a variety of styles, from surrealism to cubism. We think bold art deserves a bold frame, and our colored metal frames in shocking hues like Tornado Red and Cyber Green fit the bill.

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