Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Stephanie Sherman


Raised among the rolling hills and sprawling fields of Kansas, Stephanie Sherman found herself wandering the world around her at an early age.

“I would run off and find places to explore. My parents could never find me,” she explains. “It’s in our nature to find new places, to see what’s beyond our borders. I guess I’m still doing that.”

Stephanie’s passion for art has only deepened with age. She’s tried her hand at acrylic paint, watercolor and pottery, but has a special fondness for photography.

“Photography is all about capturing that split-second moment. I think photographers are masters of time because we can freeze it in one frame.”

Dabbling in wedding and portrait work for years has pulled Stephanie back to her roots. Turning a passionate hobby into a full-time career, she’s crafted captivating and dramatic fine art photography. With an eye for beautiful, haunting imagery, Stephanie captures the spirit of natural settings and minimalism.
AF: Do you consider yourself a photographer or an artist?

Stephanie: I’m a fine art photographer and have been shooting for over 15 years. While I end up shooting a variety of subjects, my heart lies with photographing environments or moments in a way that make people feel something or, at the very least, allow you a sense of a mood. I want the viewers to feel like they could be there. I’m also a mother and wife and have made time with my family and my aspirations of being a successful artist my priorities.

AF: Do you use American Frame products for business or personal framing?

Stephanie: Mostly business, but some personal. I’m self-employed and selling my artwork is my source of income. My website is

AF: Where do the frames you buy from us go?

Stephanie: It varies. Most of my clients are either in New York or California. I work with a high-end home decor company that sells my artwork. So, most of my work ends up in the homes of those who frequent the site. A hotel in Rhode Island purchased 10-15 framed prints from me for use in their rooms.  I also sell to interior designers for their clients.

AF: What sorts of items do you frame?

Stephanie: I frame strictly photographs. A good mix of color and black and white photography ends up in your frames. The majority of what I sell is coastal.

AF: What is your favorite American Frame product?

Stephanie: I regularly use AF152 and AF206 for selling, but my favorite for personal use is

Studio 95192. It’s a thick matte white frame that’s perfect for my more minimalist black and white pieces. I also love the Hot Press Bright paper for printing. The texture and quality in the print for that particular paper really make my photographs the best they can be.

AF: Why do you work with American Frame?

Stephanie: It started with a recommendation from online blogs and forums. After visiting your site and many others, I saw that yours had the lowest prices and had the most to offer. I can have my work framed and get a high-quality print directly from your site, and ship it straight to my customer if needed. The customer service has always been great. You guys do well to accommodate my most panicked moments when a client needs something quickly.

One time I was heading out of town and my client needed their artwork delivered quickly. There wasn’t enough time to get it to me before my trip and still be able to send it to my customer before their deadline. I called American Frame’s customer service and told them my situation. I was able to send you all the materials and inserts that I normally place in my packages and you sent it directly to my customer in a non-branded box. That really saved me. And that was back before you offered non-branding as a service.

AF: Thank you, Stephanie, for being such a wonderful customer.

Stephanie: Thank you! You’ve done a great job. Your performance helps me stay productive and keeps me in business.



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