Monday, September 18, 2017

Frames have existed for more than 2,200 years.

Some of the first known frames were used with the Egyptian portraits of the dead. Also known as Fayum mummy portraits, these works of art were framed with wood and fabric. It's believed they were displayed in the home of the deceased person before being permanently placed on the mummy.

Fayum portraits are considered to be the oldest modernist paintings and the first forms of framed art. An artist would paint an image of the deceased using a technique known as encaustic. The process required mixing colored pigment with heated beeswax.

 Imported hardwoods, such as cedar, cypress, oak, lime and sycamore were cut into thin panels and smoothed. The portraits were then painted on those panels. The finished portrait would be placed into layers of wrapping that enclosed the body, and then surrounded by bands of cloth. That gave the effect of a window-like opening through which the face of the deceased could be seen, essentially framing the portrait.


  1. Egyptians are i think the creature of every artistic thing. These old dead portraits are very scary. But this shows how old the concept of picture frame is.

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