Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Different FRAME of Mind

You’ve likely seen graffiti on passing box cars, decrepit buildings, and highway overpasses.
But have you ever seen it framed?

Two Australians are elevating graffiti - and further legitimizing it - by presenting it as - in a way - framed art.

SKR3AM and JINKS are contemporary street artists in Melbourne who work from their home base RedlightStudio. Actually, it’s difficult to label what they make as “graffiti,” as
the term suggests illegal and undesirable expressions. That’s not the case here.

We were excited to learn that their signature work includes an element we know very well.
According to their website, the artists used “a combination of picture frames, either collected or custom made” to create “a unique trademarked process, placing each frame strategically over the mural, creating an elegant effect.”
Watch it happen in their video below.


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