Friday, May 5, 2017

It’s Launched!

After many months of evaluation, planning, vendor selection & design, has launched its mobile/responsive website with a variety of enhanced features. Here are just a few I’d like to share.

The biggest enhancement you may notice is the ease of use on your mobile phone. Designing custom picture frame kits to fit your own art and photography is made friendly and intuitive, allowing creative people like yourselves the benefit of a more enjoyable design and ordering experience, wherever you are, whenever you’d like.

With streamlined menus for easier search, finding and designing your frame can be done with fewer clicks and more accuracy, also featuring an easy chat interface for getting help from our experts when you want it.
We’ve also made changing a frame within the frame configurator easier – for those times where your first choice may not be the one you ultimately pick. Search by collection, color, style and material to view different alternatives side by side before selecting for your design.
I am especially excited about the new mat board design interface which allows for easy jumping from top, to middle to bottom mat, making multiples as fun to create as single board designs. As always you can upload your art for preview but now you can craft color combinations and border proportions within a scrollable pop-up window and easily switch out choices until you find the perfect look.

You will also notice in the Print & Frame section, the process of evaluating paper choices for your project just became a lot more obvious. My husband, the non-artist everyday iPhone photographer, gave me a ‘thumbs up’ on how we’ve made this area much more logical and helpful, again using pop-ups to feature the information you need without it bringing up unnecessary pages that take you away from where you’d like to be – simply a better experience for novices and pros alike.


Finally, you will notice that our site went from an ‘http’ to an ‘https’, with the ‘s’ indicating that the communications between your browser and our website are completely encrypted and secure on all pages.
All in all, I hope you appreciate these and other enhancements we’ve made site-wide. Please let me know what you think. Your feedback matters.
Thank you for choosing American Frame!
Laura JajkoLaura Jajko is President of American Frame and a longtime contributor to "A Good Frame of Mind." Here, she delights in bonding with others over her love of art and framing. With more than 40 years of practical experience, she brings a unique perspective in a straightforward style that she hopes will spark lots of interesting and relevant dialogue in our online community. Connect with Laura directly here on the blog or follow her on Twitter @LauraJajko.



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