Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Framing for Coastal Themes

The salty smell in the breeze. The sand in your toes. The sun setting behind the ocean waves. Whether you live near the beach or just dream of it, we’ve all seen enough movies to know that, when it comes to relaxation, the ocean is the place to be. And what better way to bring that sense of peace and rest into your home than by decorating with a coastal theme?

Coastal decor has been popular for quite a while but seems to have reached its apex in the past few years. With the global economy forcing many of us to move frequently  and often to places we would rather not live  taking the beach with you no matter where you go has great appeal.

Luckily, coastal styling is so popular that it’s not difficult or expensive to achieve anymore. DIY blogger Kim Wilson’s Sand and Sisal lists a few must-have color palettes and themes that can help you get started on your coastal design.

In touch with nature

Echoing her thoughts, we suggest that you consider the more natural elements — sun, sand, sky, and surf — to guide your inspiration.

Beautiful imagery, isn’t it? Now let’s apply that to coastal-style framing. No doubt you’ll have some
images you’d like to add to your room: perhaps beach photographs from a vacation or paintings that fit the theme and color scheme.

American Frame carries an entire line of coastal-themed wooden frames. Here are some coastal elements we’ve applied to our frames to add a splash of realism to your interior design:

  1. Natural, worn, or whitewashed woods and finishes
    Natural or worn looks easily convey a beachy setting, no matter what art you are framing. Consider this white wood frame to start!
  2. Neutral tones: blue, grey, and white
    Stick to the basics here and you may expect to feel the ocean breeze right outside your door. Touches like this grey wooden frame can help bring more nautical neutrals to your walls.
  1. Sand, seagrass, and beadboard textures
    Let’s not just look at the beach; let’s feel the beach. Bainbridge offers some wonderful mats to pair with wooden frames, such as this sandmat board with this grey wood frame.

Our versatile mats and frames can help you enhance the art you love and frame it right.  

What kind of image would you frame in coastal style?

We want to see the finished product! When you’ve framed and hung your pieces, upload a photo to your favorite social media site with the hashtag #framinghappiness and we’ll take a look! We want to see how our customers are using our products to brighten and embolden spaces across the world.

Laura Jajko
Laura Jajko is President of American Frame and a longtime contributor to "A Good Frame of Mind." Here, she delights in bonding with others over her love of art and framing. With more than 40 years of practical experience, she brings a unique perspective in a straightforward style that she hopes will spark lots of interesting and relevant dialogue in our online community. Connect with Laura directly here on the blog or follow her on Twitter @LauraJajko.


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