Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Design a Gallery Wall

Designing your own gallery wall may seem daunting but can actually be a simple, fun, and rewarding project. With the right tools and mindset, you can create your own home decor statement piece that will complement any room.

Choosing a layout

Assuming you have decided on which artwork and items you want to use, you’ll want to plan how they will be organized on the wall.

There are many types of layouts but, for the most part, they fall under two categories: modern and eclectic.

  • Modern — A more traditional look with a distinct shape, a modern layout is uniform and linear.
  • Eclectic — A varied look, an eclectic layout is not limited to paintings or photos. Feel free to mix shapes, mediums, colors, and depths.

If you choose a modern style layout, you will want to create a symmetrical, grid-like gallery wall. The matching frames will be about the same size and be organized in a structured pattern.

Today, we’re going to show you how to take a more eclectic approach. There is a lot of flexibility in an eclectic style layout. The frames don’t necessarily have to match each other in size or style, and they can be arranged in any way.

Creating your gallery wall

Creating an eclectic gallery wall is simple enough with some planning and the right tools. Because it is a varied style by nature, it won’t be uniform. Mike Cromly from Ask Mike says that it’s best to try to visualize the wall before you begin adding nails and hanging hardware. We’ll take you step-by-step through the whole process!

1. Plan the arrangement.

Photo 22 002

Place your artwork on the floor in front of the wall you’re going to use as your gallery wall. This allows you to see the space it will be in but also gives you the flexibility to move your pieces around until the whole group fits together best. We suggest starting with the center focus piece and organizing all other pieces around that.

2. Trace your frames.

Using kraft or newspaper, trace the outline of each piece of artwork and cut out the shape. Refer to your floor layout, and tape each cutout on the wall in the same position. This allows you to focus on the overall effect of the arrangement.

3. Arrange and rearrange. 

Photo 22 003

Once your paper cutouts are taped to the the wall, arrange and rearrange if necessary. Don’t be afraid to move things around! It’s best to play and move things around now before placing the final nails and hanging hardware.

4. Replace the paper cutouts with your artwork.

Photo 22 005

After the previous steps, actually hanging your artwork is simple! Once your layout is the way you want it, go ahead and start replacing the paper cutouts with your artwork.

5. Admire your eclectic gallery wall!

Photo 22 009

Congratulations on creating a statement piece for your home! We can’t wait to see what you have created. Share this post and photos of your finished gallery walls using the hashtag #framinghappiness.

Happy framing!

Ready to start creating a gallery wall? Contact us online or give us a call at (800) 537-0944. Enjoy 20% off American Hardwoods and Standard Plus 3 frames. Shop the collections here.

So, who’s Mike? He is the man behind the mission of getting your picture frames produced and out the door quickly, correctly, and with custom frame-shop quality. Once your order is placed, it is in the hands of Mike and the many people he has trained over his 35-plus years with the company. A natural teacher, Mike loves to tinker and experiment. Of course he has a nice office, but we rarely find him there! Working in the plant to improve our processes is his passion. Outside of American Frame, Mike is an outdoorsman, avid fisherman, devoted family man, and Ohio State Buckeyes fan. Follow him on Twitter @AskMike400


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