Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Teaming Up: A Frame Collection Made for Simplicity

Walking through the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), I was awestruck by the vast amount of paintings, sculptures, and artifacts. I always go there with the intent to view my favorite painters’ works but am always sidetracked a bit by the sculptures as I make my way to the painting wings. It’s pretty amazing to think of the craftsmanship and hours spent creating those sculptures. With that in mind, when I view the paintings at the MET I can’t help but look at the frames that they are showcased in. Most of the frames are from the same time the paintings were created, and just like the painter spent hours putting all that work into his or her masterpiece, another artisan put in hours of work to create ornate frames to house those beautiful paintings.

I have a hard time not framing my own paintings. I feel like it’s the icing on the cake, the exclamation point to the story, and the statement that “this painting is finished.” A painting has to have a certain feel and look to it to look “right" without a frame. Ultra-contemporary abstracts seem to be the top non-framed works. I guess when I look at some paintings that aren’t framed, they look like they aren’t quite “done” yet. I feel that way with my work.

Tim Gagnon work
Painting by Tim Gagnon
That’s why, about a year ago, I set out to find a company that thought of its frame products like artwork. I have ordered a number of frames of all types from many different companies. I’ve only found one where frames are really artwork, a labor of love.

Like I said before, I’ve ordered a lot of frames, and I’ve had a lot of frames show up damaged — putting me in a bind for art shows. I’ve also had frames show up that just didn’t have the great bold touch that the images used to describe them implied. I have never had that happen with American Frame. The frames show up completely protected and just as beautiful as they are shown on the website. That’s why I partnered with American Frame to create a collection that I find gives artwork that exclamation point — without the stress.

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I’ve always carefully selected the frames I use for my own art. I feel like you should frame yours in something that gives it that finished, high-quality look without taking away from the image itself. You don’t want the frame to compete with your work; you want them to be partners in displaying your story. So when I worked with American Frame to pick out eight different moldings I had that in mind, I wanted frames that were really high quality with intricate details, but sleek and modern enough to fit my work and yours. That’s just what you’ll find in my American Frame collection. These beautiful frames will complete your statement, giving your pieces that fine-art feel you’ve been searching for.

framed paintings

If you ever see the painting by Emanuel Leutze of George Washington crossing the Potomac in person, prepare to be amazed. Not at just the size of the painting, the craftsmanship, or the details, but of the frame it is housed in. It’s an enormous gold frame with intricate mouldings and ornate features: A powerful frame to house a powerful painting.

Having a frame collection is something that I thought about a lot. Having ready-to-go frames for my work takes away a lot of the stress when it comes to a gallery show or sending work to someone who purchases it. I know exactly which eight frames to choose from. I want that same stress-free picking for the people who follow my work and those who explore their own artistic expressions, too. That’s why I worked hard at picking out eight styles that are really high-quality, with great details, but not too overpowering for your work. Plus, you can customize the size to your specifications.

With American Frame, rest assured your frames will arrive in perfect condition, in a timely fashion, and they will always be there to help you if you have any trouble or questions. These frames are ready to showcase your art. I’m really excited about my frame collection from American Frame and hope you go over and check it out!
— Tim Gagnon

Tim Gagnon
Tim Gagnon is one of the top-selling online art instructors in the United States — and perhaps the world — with over 25,000 students. He started his art career selling his paintings online directly to buyers. After a few years of painting and selling, he recorded a time-lapse video of the creation of one of his paintings, posted it to YouTube, and the rest is history.


  1. Hi Tim! I just experienced the same. I bought a frame online because it did not have the size I wanted in the store. I was so excited when I got it, and it ended up cracked on one side. I was lucky that they agreed to send me another one ASAP but still, at that point, I lost confidence as to whether the second one would arrive OK! Looking at the frames on this site, it might seem silly, but I hard time determining if a frame is the right dimensions for a 3/4" or 1.5" gallery wrap canvas. How can you tell? And what comes with the frame to actually frame a painting and hang it?

    1. Hi there! In order to tell if a frame is deep enough for a canvas painting, pay attention to the number that is next to the "R" when looking at the dimensions. This is the rabbet depth. This number will tell you how much room you have for your canvas. For example, if your canvas is 3/4" thick, you would select a frame with an R measurement of greater than 3/4." The hardware that is included with the frame are springclips with screws (to hold the artwork into the frame), and wire hangers (for heavier frames) and a sawtooth hanger (for lighter frames). Wire is not included but can be purchased separately.

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