Thursday, December 10, 2015

Interview with Deborah Angilletta– Featured Artist June 2015

Deborah is yet another artist who started painting in watercolor later in life, about 15 years ago after retiring from her phone company job where she worked for 32 years. A natural art entrepreneur, she operates out of her small studio in Schenectady, New York and today works mostly in oil and acrylic.

Putnam Creek, Early Spring by Deborah Angilletta

Previously educated in graphic design, she often constructs her ideas in Photoshop before she takes a brush to paper. Her subject matter is the landscape in her immediate environment, which to her, never grows old. Although Deborah tends to be a very detailed oriented painter she is challenging herself to become more minimalist like her idols Marc Bohne, Doug Fryer, George Innes and Richard Schmid.
When asked how she knows when a work is completed, Deborah responds:
“When you can’t really add anything more that is supporting what your idea was, it’s time to stop. I notice when I start really slowing down on a painting that it’s time to step back and there’s a good chance I’m really close to being done at that point. I’ve ruined tons of paintings by not stopping soon enough.”
I hope you enjoy reading about Deborah. She has an exuberance for life and her art that is captivating and unusually inspiring.

Read Deborah's interview, here.


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