Wednesday, October 28, 2015

DIY Framing Tutorial – Halloween Décor Project

Follow along with this simple tutorial to make some easy, inexpensive, Halloween décor. You can easily switch this out with the seasons or to fit your home’s décor after the holidays.

A while back, we wrote a DIY picture framing blog on how to frame a piece of fabric. Essentially we will follow the same steps from that blog post, which can be found here:

- Piece of fabric
- 2 pieces of mounting board
- Mat board of your choice
- Frame
- Acrylic
- Utility knife
- Pencil
- Ruler

Determine how much fabric you want shown in the frame. Use this method to determine overall sizing and what size opening to cut in the mounting board. 

Since this piece of fabric is quite small and we wanted most of it to show in the mat board opening, we had to wrap the fabric around the mounting board center (piece that was cut out) and tape it on the back side, with linen tape, to prevent it from slipping out. If you have a larger piece of fabric, you may not need to do this and can follow the method outlined here.

For this project, we chose a grey piece of mat board, but did NOT want a bevel to show. To get this look, choose “reverse bevel cut” from the mat tab on the website.

Then, use double sided tape to attach the mat board to the mounting board. If you plan to switch out the fabric or mat board later, we suggest hinging the mat board to the mounting board instead.

Finally, place another piece of mounting board behind all of that to create the art stack. Peel the protective paper from the acrylic and place it on top of the other materials.

Continue framing like normal. If using a metal frame (like we did here) assemble the three sides and slide the art stack into the frame’s channel. Complete the project by attaching the fourth side and placing spring clips in the back of the frame. If using a wood picture frame, place the art stack in the back of the frame and finish with the provided spring clips or with a point driver.

And here’s the finished project!


To create a grand display, you could frame multiple pieces of themed fabric and hang them together in a certain arrangement. This method of framing makes it easy to later change the fabric if you wish to use another color or pattern of fabric to fit your décor in the non-fall months.

Have you ever framed a piece of fabric before or anything else that isn’t typically framed? We’d love to know if you tried a different method that worked for you and to see the finished project! Share your projects with us on social media and use the hashtag #framinghappiness.


  1. What a great idea to decorate your home for different holidays!

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  3. This is just the thing that I was looking for this Halloween! It's a nice touch to have something one of kind!

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