Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Our Frame Manufacturers: Nielsen Bainbridge – Fine Metal Frames & More

I am extremely excited to introduce a blog series dedicated to our product manufacturers. These companies include Nielsen Bainbridge, Larson Juhl, Fiber Char, Omega, Décor, UFP, and Designer Molding. Without our dedicated suppliers, we wouldn’t be able to continuously grow and upgrade our business. After all, the Framing Fairy doesn’t do ALL the work.

The first company I would like to highlight is Nielsen Bainbridge, which produces all of our metal frames, mat boards, and some wood frames (Nurre Caxton).

This framing super-group began with the joining of three very popular businesses in the framing industry: Bainbridge, the father of mat boards; Pinnacle Framing, masters of the photo frame; and Burnes of Boston which first introduced the wood-carved frame. All of the companies were the first in their line of work and consistently produced the highest quality products available.

To give you an idea of just how much experience these experts have, take a look at a brief timeline:

1867: Bainbridge began in New York
1890: 1st official patent on mat board claimed by Bainbridge
1916: Charles Burnes began his business for hand carved wood frames in Boston. (Burnes of Boston)
1956: Rachel Magee founded Magee Framing Co. in Corning, AK. (Company now called Pinnacle Frames)
1985: Nielsen and Bainbridge partnered
2011: Pinnacle Frames became a part of Nielsen Bainbridge

I had a fun talk recently with our Nielsen Bainbridge representative, Richard Coe.

Rich Coe

DJ (Dana Jajko): What year did you begin working for the company?
RC (Richard Coe): 1986

DJ: How did you get into the framing business?
RC: I was the Director of Store Development at the wholesale grocery company that was running into financial issues. I put my name out there with a recruiter who was working with N&B to find a Michigan based Representative. I was hired in less than two weeks as Regional Manager covering MI, OH, and IN.

DJ: What was going on in the company when you first began working there?
RC: N&B was just formed in 1985 as a new division of Esselte Letraset. All Nielsen Representatives were independent sales people. The new management of N&B wanted company owned sales people so all the independents were replaced by company reps. Sixteen people were hired over an 18 month period, and a new N&B Marketing staff was also put in place during that time.

DJ: What is the top selling molding?
RC: Standard Plus Three (117) is the number one seller for us because of the exceptional value it has. Flat top, deep rabbet and the only profile with the vivid colors. Pricing is excellent on the line as well!

DJ: How many plants are affiliated with Nielsen?
RC: We have two plants for Nielsen, one in Gainsboro, Tennessee and one in Germany. We have one plant for Bainbridge, in Bainbridge, IL. Mat boards and mounting boards are produced all in the same plant.

Richard Coe is an example of the close partnership American Frame has with those who design and produce the framing and art components we sell. This relationship is beneficial not just to Nielsen Bainbridge or us, but more importantly, to our customers, who can count on the collaboration at all levels that ensures quality, quick turnaround and a nimble response to changing needs and fashions on the customer’s end. We admit, we particularly enjoy Richard stopping by (because he brings pizza for the holidays) but we keep in close touch with each of our partners and we hope to give you a chance to see who the minds are behind your frames. We’re all in this together—loving art and trying to frame it right—and we feel very lucky that Nielsen Bainbridge is there to help.

Until next time!

Dana Jajko is a third generation member of the American Frame team. When Dana isn’t blogging, you will find her in our Maumee, OH Showroom, helping customers frame their art right for their style, purpose and budget. Connect with Dana directly on Twitter @DanaJajko


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