Wednesday, July 29, 2015

EconoSpace Framing Spacers

EconoSpace Artwork Spacers were developed to create a proper airspace between the artwork and acrylic or other types of glazing when floating art within the frame treatment. Doing so prevents problems such as staining, possible adhesion of the art to the acrylic, mold growth, and paper buckling, which can cause damage to the art.

Follow these steps to use spacers in your next custom frame treatment:

1. Prepare your acrylic for mounting EconoSpace. If using UV acrylic, take note of the UV label, as this is your surface side.

2. Position spacers on the reverse side of the acrylic and simply cut to the desired length. Now peel up only the edges of the protective paper, and then peel off the protective covering from the EconoSpace. Adhere the spacer flush with and to the edge of the acrylic. Do NOT attach spacer to the frame. Now work your way around the three remaining sides.

3. Once the EconoSpace is attached, flip the acrylic over and place it on the artwork. Now peel off the protective surface cover. Position your frame, flip over, and then install your securing hardware. Be sure to avoid applying pressure when installing the securing hardware. It is ideal to leave the entire package a little bit loose in order to prevent the art and backing from buckling.

So, who’s Mike? He is the man behind the mission of getting your picture frames produced and out the door quickly, correctly, with custom frame shop quality. Once your order is placed, it is in the hands of Mike and the many people he has trained over his 35+ years with the company. A natural teacher, he loves to tinker and experiment. Of course he has a nice office, but we rarely find him there! Working in the plant and improving our processes is his passion. Outside of American Frame, Mike is an outdoorsman, avid fisherman, devoted family man and Ohio State Buckeye fan. Mike's Twitter


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