Thursday, July 31, 2014

Understanding, Using and Transporting Metal Frames - #AFchat

As you may or maynot know, we do a Twitter Chat (#AFchat) Thursdays from 1230pm -130pm est and the topic of these chats varies from week to week. You are encouraged to participate or at the very least glean some knowledge about framing from reading the summary of the chats.

This weeks chat involved @AmericanFrame asking @AskMike400 some questions about Metal Frames.

Read the Full summary of the  Understanding, Using and Transporting Metal Frames #AFchat on our Ask Mike Blog.


  1. First, "A good frame of mind" is a brilliant title for a blog about frames. Second, thank you for posting this article about metal frames. I've always loved the chic look of metal frames, but there were always to difficult to use and move myself. After reading this article, however, I am inspired to try again! There are a few black and white prints I have that I think would look beautiful in metal frames.

    1. Thanks Jenny! Glad you love the title. We hope that you'll give metal frames a try again, they really are so easy to use!


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