Saturday, March 15, 2014

Follow along on #ArtistChat

Are you an artist or someone who loves to learn about the creative process that different artists go through?

What are you doing late Saturday morning?

From 1030am to 1130am you can hang out on Twitter and follow the hashtag #artistchat. @Artist_Chat  interviews a different artist every week. The artists that she(@SharonNicholas is the person behind #artistchat) interviews each week can be a photographer, painter, musician, etc.
Via an email conversation with Sharon, she believes in  "The theory on gifted people. The part of the brain which the talent comes from often overlaps with other talents. Writers, musicians and actors are often artists as well. So there is this great appreciation of the others area of creativity, even if the person doesn't display these talents themselves.
For example  -This is why musicians seek out artists to do their covers for their albums. There is a true appreciation there.
It's not just my theory it's been widely studied. Here is a YouTube video on it."

Fine-arts interviews on #artistchat for the month of March 

So for the month of March, AmericanFrame will be sponsoring the weekly #artistchat, when Sharon and the followers of the chat will be asking different fine arts artists questions about their art.

Last week, we were fortunate to get a peek into the mind of the watercolorist, Kimberly Meuse (). 
This week Sharon is interviewing @CristianRosoi of Art Know How

Easy Way to Follow Along

You can follow along on Twitter, by searching for #artistchat from 1030am EST- 1130am(last weeks went over to almost 1230pm)
You can also create af free account on to follow the chat.
Another alternative is to follow along on . 

Around 1030am, send out a tweet to introduce yourself like "looking forward to todays #artisthchat with @ChristianRosoi via @AmericanFrame

If you need any help following the chat, please leave a comment here or on Twitter, and we will be glad to help you participate.
Additionally, if you do participate in any of the #artistchats in March, please be sure to say hello to us.

Read the transcript from the chats at


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