Friday, November 22, 2013

Saturdays in the Showroom, for the Holidays, for YOU

 Friendly Framers, Dana and Valerie, At Your Service!

Attention Local Customers: If you’re within a 1 hour radius of our Maumee Showroom, you’re in luck! This blog is especially for you. We know it’s sometimes difficult make the trek to American Frame during the business day so we’ve added some Saturdays during the holiday season for your convenience.

While others are battling crowds at the mall, come on in and work on your framing projects in a creative, relaxed atmosphere.  Enjoy personal, hands-on assistance, quick service, and even save on shipping when you choose the option of ‘Showroom Pick-up’ for your materials no matter how you place your order: in person, online or via phone.

In addition to our regular hours (M-F: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM) our Saturday schedule will be:

·         November 30th- 9AM – 12PM
·         December 7th- 10AM – 2PM
·         December 14th- 10AM – 2PM
·         December 21st- 10AM – 2PM
To further entice you to make the trip we’ve photographed some of the other great features in our space you might find helpful.

The $10.00 Wall
Choose a pre-cut frame from this wall for only $10.00! Pre-cut mats, backing boards and plex are also available

Spacious work tables equipped with precision rulers, and even bean bags for weighting down work allow you to lay out your art and visualize it with different frames or mats.

Enjoy a hands on evaluation our full line of custom picture frames. Play to your heart’s content.

Let us walk you through online ordering with our new kiosk!

Check out our FREE bin, which is constantly being refilled with leftover, usable scraps

If you’re not into custom framing, we have ready-to-go gifts, already assembled!

Looking for standard sizes? Our grab and go Standard and Radius frames won’t disappoint!

The accessories wall has everything you need to get your project done! Or pick up a few low priced gifts for other artists in your life.

And last but not least, check out our newly designed printing wall which showcases our different papers available for reproducing your art and photography.

So, come on in! We so much look forward to seeing you!


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