Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Glam up your Art with Twilight, Nielsen #21 , On Sale Now

Have you taken a look at Twilight? (No, not the movie series…the beautiful series of Nielsen metal frames we added last year!) Yes? You’ll want to take advantage of this week’s savings. And if you haven’t tried it yet, now may be the time. Save 20% through Wednesday Nov. 6, 2013.

With smooth lines, subtle hues with metallic sheens, this is one of Nielsen’s hottest new profiles.  Available in 5 unusual shades, (Painted Black, China Blue, Olive Green, Merlot Red, and Matte White) these frames will add warmth with a slight glow that gently enhances artwork. Like its name implies, Twilight is especially stunning on landscape photography hanging in a dimly lit room or with ambient candlelight.

TW250- Merlot Red. Here, you can see the sleek, slightly rounded profile.
Additionally, these mouldings sport a nice rabbet depth of 5/8.” A rabbet of this size is substantial enough for multiple mat boards, or single 6ply and even 8ply boards for creating a clean gallery look.


(Image: Untitled by David Lowry)
Black and white photography looks dramatic paired with this Twilight frame in Merlot Red (TW250). Wide borders in a white mat allow the photograph to breathe, drawing the eye inward, toward the artwork.

(Image: “Mountain Lake” by Jim Adair)
A green frame (TW249- Olive Green) brings an unexpected pop of color into this neutral-colored painting. The green picture frame mimics the green hue of the tree in the lower left-hand corner of the artwork. Again, a white mat with wide borders creates a sense of space between the art and the frame, allowing the artwork and frame to work together, harmoniously.
A muted purple picture frame coordinates with the brighter lavender tones in the art, giving the frame and artwork structure and balance. 
I hope we’ve shown how Twilight can be a versatile option to explore for your special works of art, particularly in cases where an extra touch of opulent style might just provide the perfect framing solution.
Have you seen this collection before? What do you envision being framed with these picture frames?

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