Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Techline: An Urban and Contemporary Framing Collection

Techline is now 20% off through September 25th! Techline is a collection of metal frames with rich, metallic colors including: Black, Silver, Graphite, German Silver, Brushed Antique Gold, and Brushed Satin Chocolate.  Low in cost but high in style, these frames are comparable in price to Standard Plus and Standard Plus 1. Featuring a wide face and boxy profile with a subtle brushed crisscross pattern, this collection is very urban and contemporary and pairs nicely with practically any decor. The 1/2 “ rabbet is slightly smaller than that of the Standard Plus frames, but still deep enough to allow for framing thicker artwork or the use of triple mats.

(Image: “Denali National Park” by Heather Meisterling)
Using a light grey frame (Techline-BrushedGerman Silver, T430) and a double mat (8458-Smoke and 8463- Spanish White), we pulled colors from the watercolor to give the artwork an airy but meticulous appearance. The light grey bottom mat and bright white top mat keep the piece pulled together while adding depth.

(Image: “Woodstork Portrait” by Pauline Boston)
This drawing received a monochromatic framing treatment (Techline-Florentine Black, T156), which gives it a clean and contemporary presentation. The stripe of the dark charcoal center mat (E4041- Charcoal) draws the eye inward without becoming distracting or overwhelming.  This piece could easily be hung (and match) with any décor!

(Image: “Sunflower” by Miriam Pinkerton)
We chose a brown frame (Techline-Brushed Satin Chocolate, T475) and green and white mats (Green Marshes- 12449 and Ice White- 8260), to compliment the colors in the pastel drawing. Keeping the colors similar, prevents the artwork from becoming too heavy and weighted. Again, the bright white top mat draws your eye to the piece.

(Image: “Storm Over Pyramid” by Neil Frankenhauser)
To frame this mixed media piece, we used a graphite frame (FlorentineGraphite-T154) to compliment the varying blue and grey tones in the artwork. We kept it simple, clean and structured with a bright white mat (White- 8740) and this boxy Techline profile. You could easily add another mat or two in a blue/grey color if you wanted another pop of color.
Techline is an economic framing solution to some of the other thick and boxy frame profiles out there. The sleek, metallic colors go wonderfully with any décor and ability to frame thicker pieces of artwork or use double or triple mats makes the possibilities of this collection endless!


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