Friday, September 13, 2013

Standard Plus 1

In addition to Standard Plus, Standard Plus 1 is also on sale until September 18th. Very similar to Standard Plus, what make these frames different are their depth (rabbet) and their width. Almost a full inch wide and an inch deep, their boxy face gives a bold, but simple look. The deep rabbet allows for multiple mats, canvas paintings and shadow boxes. These frames offer a more upscale, standout modern look than Standard and Standard Plus.

Unlike Standard Plus, this collection features 6 colors, including Brushed Brite Black and Matte White.

(Image: “Plum Island Dunes” by Elaine Farmer)
This painting was framed with SP114,Standard Plus One, German Silver and received a double matted treatment. The bottom mat is 4084, Dark Green and the top mat is 4709, Extreme White. The double mat adds color and depth without becoming distracting, while the silver frame keeps the image light and airy but also bold and structured.
(Image: “Red Fox” by Rick Nelson)
To add a pop of color to the framing treatment, we used an orange mat, 12455- Carroty, in between two white mats (8467, French White). The frame is Standard Plus One, Graphite, a dark grey color that is not quite black. The grey frame draws out some of the tones in the lower portion of the drawing and the pop of orange in the mat board mimics the orange hue of the fox.

(Image: “Amanda Bender” by Gayle Madeira)
This graphite drawing received a simple but strong framing treatment. We used frame SP1429, Brushed Brite Black with an AlphaRag Continuous Core mat, 8655- Pure White. Keeping this treatment monochromatic, in addition to the wide mat board borders, gives this artwork the quintessential gallery appearance.
We wanted to keep the framing treatment neutral with this black and white photograph. We used a matte black frame, SP121 and a double matted treatment to add depth.
The brushed black frame differs from the matte black in a few ways. From a distance, you may not be able to see a major difference. However, up close, the brushed black has a shinier finish (it’s more of a semi-gloss than a high gloss) than the matte black and has a brush-stroke line appearance etched into the frame.

(Image: “Poppies” by Wanda Zuchowski-Schick)
For this vibrant watercolor, we used a classic white frame (SP1224, Matte White) with a grey/blue mat, 12571, Frosted Blue. Adding a subtle pop of color with the mat keeps the framing treatment from being too bland.
This framing treatment can work with a multitude of artwork. The bold, boxy face of this collection and the neutral colors that are available make these frames highly versatile and chic. We can envision these frames with medium to large sized artwork, canvas paintings or to be used as shadow boxes! What do you envision in these frames?


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