Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Create statment-making pieces with Studio!

The Studio frame collection is a sleek and contemporary statement-making collection. Featuring wood moldings with fine brushed finishes and distinctive angular surfaces, these frames fit nicely into modern dwellings, art studios and contemporary offices.  Offered in neutral colors (titanium, matte grey and matte white), this collection offers variety with varying rabbet depths and thicknesses of the face of the frame.  Studio is ideal for photographs or works on paper that become the centerpiece of a room. These frames are also wonderful for floating artwork and are deep enough to use spacers- a common element for framing modern artwork.

Image: Mountain Reflections by Alysa Martel

This photograph gets a contemporary framing treatment: a dark grey frame (MatteGrey- 2512) and a pure white mat (Pure White- 8655) with thick borders.

The white moldings  from this collection give art substaintial structure while also creating a feeling of lightness and depth. To create an even more statement-making piece, we suggest using a thick 6-ply or 8-ply mat with wide borders in white. Our 6-ply mat, Igloo and our 8-ply mat, White closely match the color of the frame from this assemblage.

Image: “Royal Flash” by Richard Thompson

A contemporary image such as this is complimented by a thick white frame and a white 6-ply mat. The frame gives it structure and presence while the surrounding white mat allows the eye to focus on the vivid and flowing colors of the image.

Image: “Untitled” by Candace Robinson

This painting is given a high-style appearance with a grey frame and a white mat with extra wide borders. We envision this hanging in a sophisticated office or living room.

It is important to note that this collection is not recommended for all artwork, but with the right piece, these moldings can transform art with an ‘edge’ into a piece that is grand and that demands to be talked about!

What do you like most about Studio?


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