Wednesday, August 14, 2013

American Hardwoods: A Timeless American-Made Beauty

This week, our assortment of American Hardwoods is on sale! These mouldings are high quality, solid wood and made in America. Simple in style and versatile in application, they go wonderfully with any décor and any picture, American Hardwoods has been one of our most popular picture framing collections since we launched it in 2005. Here we show you why. Below are a few examples of items you may find fun to frame with American Hardwoods.


Image: “Mother and Daughter” by Theresa Martinez

Photographs are a perfect choice for these mouldings for many reasons. With their square faces and uniform, straight lines, these frames do not take away from the photographs, but draws the eye into them. We used frame 204,Black and a plain white mat (E4709) to keep it looking refined, crisp, and complimentary.

Image: “Pink Parasol” by Jim Adair

For this image we chose frame 208,Walnut. This wooden frame favors this outdoorsy watercolor scene. The tones in the painting are similar to the Walnut tone of the frame. And again, the lines are smooth and do not overpower the image. Instead, the frame is a great addition that draws the eye into the painting while also giving it a clean, finished look.
Graphic Posters/Mixed Media:
American Hardwood frames even look fabulous with vintage or vintage inspired art!

Image: “Douglas Bomber” by Kelly Parker

For this piece, we chose frame L990,Natural Walnut and a double matted look.

This frame is 206, Natural with a crisp white mat.

Mementos/Children's art:

We framed a vintage postcard with frame L990, Natural Walnut.

Here we have a piece of Children’s artwork framed with moulding 206,Natural.

Frame: 204,Black

Even for smaller items, like postcards or children’s drawings, this profile does not overpower the artwork, but creates an elegant and polished look.
This collection is also a perfect choice for creating gallery walls or to achieve a gallery effect. Here, we used examples from above to create a display, which adds variety and interest to any space. One method that works particularly well is to choose one frame collection (American Hardwoods) but choose different colors of the same frame (L990, 204, 206, 208) to hang on one wall in differing sizes, like we did below.

Another option is to use the same color and profile for all your images, which creates a real, unified gallery look.
As you can see, with American Hardwoods you can frame almost anything! The results are chic, simple and timeless. What are you going to frame?


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