Monday, July 22, 2013

Discontinued Frame Mode 11205 Mode Mottled Bronze

We are so sad to announce that one of our long time favorite frames, the Mode #11205 Mottled Bronze, is being disontinued by the manufacturer, Nurre Caxton.

Literally the day before recieving this news, my sister and I recommended this frame to a friend in our Showroom, remarking how it has been one of our favorites since we took it on nearly 15 years ago. It's true Italian moulding with lots of bronze, earthy gold, and russet tones. Deep enough for a linen liner, we love it on watercolors, oil paintings and sepia toned photography. It also makes a great mirror frame.
Mode 11205 1 5/8" H x 2 3/4" W x 3/4" R

So, we bought up the rest of the stock, about 900 feet. Once it's gone it will be gone forever so if you think you might have a need, plan on purchasing it as soon as you can. Here a couple of ideas that may inspire you from the American Frame Art Gallery.

'Canal of Venice' by Art Gallery artist Stephanie Goller, printed on canvas and framed in 11205 and natural linen liner.

'All Aboard' by April A. Taylor, sepia photograph on photo rag, franed with
4" AlphaLinen #4022 Seurat Sand and 11205 Motlled Bronze.

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