Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Love Notes Across Town: A Community Project

If someone offers you a stamped, addressed postcard in Ann Arbor on June 22, take it.  It’s love.  And art.  Or at least, it will be when you’re done with it.  Paint, write, draw or otherwise decorate the card with your own personal love message and drop it in the mail, then come see your card arranged with hundreds of others as an art installation by Amanda Frattarelli on July 27, 2013.
“The most powerful way to receive love is to share it,” says Frattarelli, a local resident who aims to bring the community together through art.  “Art is a powerful way to heal, to express yourself, and to feel loved. Often fear traps us and we are unable to speak our truth. This project is a safe venue for people to express themselves anonymously.”

In addition to being distributed on June 22, the stamped, addressed cards are available at local businesses, including Crazy Wisdom Book Store, Literati Book Store, Heavenly Metal, Catching Fireflies, and Adorn Me.  If you see a display by the register, grab one and start thinking love.  To help support the installation phase of the project, Frattarelli asks for a small donation.

“I am so excited to see all the unique expressions of love that will be expressed,” Frattarelli says.  She wants people to have fun, be creative, but most of all, express love.  “If people want to make their own postcard, I encourage it! The love notes are anonymous and can be directed to whomever the person wants to express their love.” Send cards you’d like included in the art installation to: Love Notes Across Town,  P.O. Box 617, Whitmore Lake, MI 48189. 

Updates on the July 27th exhibition will be available on Facebook.  See the project’s page “Love Notes Across Town.” www.facebook.com/lovenotesacrosstown.  You can also donate through http://www.gofundme.com/lovenotesacrosstown.

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