Friday, January 13, 2012

Frame it Right with the Right Tools: The Point Driver

The Basic Point Driver

A big part of framing your art right is using the right tools. To secure your artwork in wood frames there are two options: one is to use the screw in clips that are included as part of the hardware package you receive with your order, and the other is to use framers points, which are embedded in the frame with a tool called a "point driver".

We recommend the point driver to frequent framers. It is as easy to use as a stapler, and saves time. If you opt for the FlexiMaster model, reusing wood frames becomes fast and efficient. Just bend up the points, slide in your new artwork, and bend them back into place.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Featured Artist Liz Berman

"Little Joe"
Animal lover and intrepid spirit, Elizabeth Berman renders horses, cats, dogs and even goats as objects of beauty and mystery, capturing in pencil, pastel and oil both the individual personality of the creature as well as the universality of the aesthetic form.   Oils are a recent medium and Berman is still having fun branching out and learning.

A customer of American Frame for thirty years, she insists “American Frame is the best company in the U.S.”  She particularly appreciates our American-made frames, reliable customer service and the deep respect we have for the art our products protect and display.  We deeply appreciate Berman’s kind words and her loyalty.  Every customer—whether artist or not—loves their art and we take great satisfaction in helping them frame it right.  To please a customer as long-standing as Elizabeth Berman lets us know we’re headed in the right direction.

Berman always works from life, often doing portraits of animals on commission, rendering her own pets or those of family members.  The piece featured here is of a horse named Little Joe.  Done in pastel, it is one of Berman’s favorites because it captures “Little Joe’s snotty attitude” so well.

We framed “Little Joe” with an ebony-stained, quarter-sawn solid oak molding from our Arts & Crafts collection.  The frame’s simple lines, wide face and prominent grain, darkened but not obscured by its stain, hold their own against the muscular image of Little Joe and bring an appropriate rusticity to the treatment.  Conversely, the double mats in warm white and gray bring in a flexibly urban feel, allowing the country image to transition to a contemporary setting, such as a gallery or city living room.   

Browse Berman’s gallery for more striking portraits of animals, including a goat named Burrito, and to read her bio. 

Treatment Specs;
Print: Little Joe (14 x 11 11/16”) $20.00

Frame: Arts & Crafts collection, Black Coffee #787967 (18 ¼” x 15 7/16”) $41.98

Bottom Mat: Crescent Select collection, White Elephant CS9507 (18 ¼” x 15 7/16”) Top Border: 2”, Side Borders: 2 ¼“ Bottom Border: 2” $8.21

Top Mat: Crescent Select collection, Urban CS9595 (18 ¼“ x 15 7/16”) Top Border 1 ¾“, Side Borders: 2”, Bottom Border 1 ¾“ $8.21

Paper: Lasal Photo Matte 230 DPPM230 (14” x 11 11/16”): $14.00

Acrylic: Standard AAS (18 ¼” x 15 7/16”) $8.11

Mounting Board: Standard MTBS (18 ¼” x 15 7/16”) $2.86

Dry Mounting Service: (18 ¼” x 15 7/16”) $3.95
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