Friday, December 14, 2012

Ask Mike: How to Frame a Pastel

I did my first pastel painting. It is on a cardboard (Canson). It appears about the same thickness as regular mat board material. I am not sure how to attach, and frame something like that.
Could you help me out please? 
Pat –
Sorry for the delay in responding.  We have been very busy rushing out Christmas orders.
Framing pastels, with the pastels dust always present, presents some challenges. 
I have two web sites listed below that will be very helpful for you to see.  It is quite lengthy to put all the material in an e-mail.
The slightly bowed board you have your artwork on can be attached to an acid freefoam core board using acid free ATG tape.Also, once it is framed, the frame will help keep it flat.
The web site below relates to EconoSpace spacers to keep you art away from the glass.  Very helpful.
You can also go to our website, click on the Blog tab and there are helpful videos for using EconoSpace and ATG materials.
I hope this will help you complete your project.  If these additional questions come up after you review the material, please contact me.
Thank you for your inquiry.
- Mike

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