Friday, December 28, 2012

Ask Mike: Frame Selection Help

I just bought a panorama sports print of a college football stadium done by James Blakeway.  It measures 131/2” x 40”, which appears to be a standard for these types of panoramic prints.  I want to frame it for a “man cave” type room.  Nothing fancy, just a metal frame, glass front, and matting. 
Do you have a “standard” frame set for these types of panoramas, with ready cut frame, glass and matting?  Better yet, do you have something already pre-assembled that I can just insert the print?

Panaoramic Photograph 40" x 13 1/2. Mike suggests a frame in our Standard profile, backing and plexi (or acrylic)

Kim –
All our frames, mats, backing boards and plexiglass are custom cut just for your order.  There is such a variety of sizes for our customer’s projects it would be a huge task to keep all possible size combinations in stock.  You can place your order easily online at and we will custom cut it and ship quickly.

The 40” dimension poses a problem – Our current mat selection only has 32” x 40” matboard.  We would not be able to cut a mat for your project.

Thank you for your inquiry.

- Mike
Thanks for the quick reply.  OK, so no mat available.  Do you have any suggestions for choosing a frame, backer  board and plexiglass for a print that will not have a mat?  I’m wondering what folks do that purchase these types of panorama prints unframed.  
Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Kim -

Most of the sports prints that people frame are done with a black metal frame, acid free backing board and plexiglas.  That is a simple, quick solution.  Some will ‘jazz’ up their project by selecting one of the many colors that might compliment the school’s colors.  Looking at the photo, a red might be a good selection.  A Radius Frosted Silver or Radius Natural Steel might be a more neutral selection.  We can send you free samples when you narrow your selection down.
Glazing – If there are lots of lights and other sources of reflection, non-glare plexiglas may be needed.  Take a picture you already have framed and have someone hold it in the spot you are considering for this panorama.   As you walk around the room, check for unflattering reflections.  If there are some, you might want the non-glare plex.
Good luck with your project.
- Mike

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