Monday, September 24, 2012

Aesthetic Question for a 64 Year Old Drawing

Dear Mike,

If your expertise covers general aesthetic questions, would you help me decide, please, which mat color shade would work best with a pencil drawing on paper that has browned with age (circa 1934):

I am matting and framing this picture for auction and appreciate any advice you can give me!




Thank you for your inquiry.  That is an interesting piece of artwork, but it is difficult for me to judge without actually seeing the work itself.

Here is a quick thought – Float the artwork on a piece of black foam core and mat with a black, cream core, mat.  This will not be an acid free or conservation type arrangement, but may look nice.  If conservation is a concern, then these materials, in acid free, can be located.

Go to our web site and look at our mat selections. There are many combinations of mats and backings that can be used.  Part of framing is using your imagination to create another work of art in your frame/mat selections.

Have fun with your project.  Please send photo of completed framing.  Our customer service personnel like to see finished work so they can use as examples with other customers.

Thank you,



  1. To me, it looks like the edges are ragged, so instead of floating it, I would cover them with a mat. Maybe 2 or 3" wide. I'd choose a mat color that matches the lightest shade in the paper color. For instance the paper in the center of the art is lighter than the outermost edges of the paper. and instead of a black frame I would use a grey or charcoal frame color. The darkest point is not dark enough to call for a pure black frame. And definately go with UV protection acrylic. That should prevent further yellowing with time.
    -Valerie in the Showroom

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