Friday, August 24, 2012

New Mat Board Collections Coming Soon!

Today I am pleased to announce the introduction of a whole new line of Bainbridge mat boards that will soon be available at!  

This move allows us to provide a broader range of products plus faster, more efficient service, all while keeping prices low. 

Currently we carry two archival Bainbridge products:  AlphaRag® and AlphaEssentials® lines with ArtCare Technology.  Many of you are familiar with their museum quality and impressive color choices.  ArtCare products are the only ones on the market that go beyond “acid-free”, providing active protection to your artwork by absorbing acids which cause chemical degradation.  
Now we are adding the following product lines:
·  Bainbridge TopMat® with ArtCare Technology to replace Crescent Select 6-pl
·  Bainbridge Alphamat® to replace Crescent Select; will include some new linen textures
·  Bainbridge  Papermat®, to replace Crescent Berkshire Cream Core
·   Bainbridge NovaCore®, to replace Berkshire White Core; also adds five new Black Core choices

In total, we will be offering six different mat board lines in 150 colors with various archival properties, textures, thicknesses, cores and price points to suit a wide variety of framing needs.

Some of the goals of the mat change were to add new colors which satisfy current design trends, find the best substitutes for our most popular colors in the old line and to make identifying these popular colors as easy as possible.  To those ends, our experts handpicked the new selection and created a chart (soon to be posted) that cross references colors from the old and new lines.  In some cases, the matches are exact and in others they are close as possible.  As always, feel free to double check your choices by requesting free samples.  

So, this week we welcome our new shipment from Bainbridge!  Once received, the shelves will be stocked, the color swatches photographed and uploaded to our website, new item numbers assigned, mat samples cut for distribution and advertisements updated.  We expect to go “live” online with our new selections on or before Sept. 17.

This changeover has required quite a bit of coordination and we thank those of you have been patient with us through this process.  We hope you are pleased with the result.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email or contact me directly at


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