Thursday, August 2, 2012

Featured Artist Liz London

Liz London is a mixed media collage artist currently based in Dallas, Texas.  Originally from Oklahoma City, London migrated to Dallas because of its vibrant art community. 

“I have art in my DNA,” she says.  Her mother was a fine artist and her father owned a commercial design firm.  He brought her in on the business when he was doing custom art pieces for commercial interiors like nightclubs and restaurants.  “We did themed art.  For example, we might do nightclub called Sherlock Holmes using elements based on that theme.”

As a fine artist, London’s medium utilizes photographs, acrylic paint, and hand made paper.  She works on different types of surfaces, including board and canvas.  “Everything is free-flowing, intuitive.”

Living in Texas, London has seen a lot of horses, which inspired her to create the featured image, “Two Horses,” also made of gold leaf foil, various papers and acrylic.  The original sold at the Women’s Museum  in Dallas (since closed) affiliated with The Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C.

London sells her originals through her websites, and

Because she believes framing “can make or break a piece,” she comes to American Frame.  “I like to frame with a color that highlights a color in the art.  American Frame’s huge selection of frames and mats mean I can always find the right one for the art.”

For her own work, London often chooses canvas floaters.  “I like the emphasis to stay on the art, and I think floating the image in the frame achieves that.”

We framed “Two Horses” with our Antigua line, a collection of solid-wood mouldings with a dark brown, acid-washed finish highlighted in umber.  Substantial enough to hold its own with the vibrant colors and rich texture of London’s work, this frame also offers an old-world, Spanish vibe that complements the art’s subject.  Three mats create depth and interest.  The bottom mat in “bottle blue” is vanishingly slim—only 1/8” of it shows.  This very subtle touch brings the blues in the center of the image out to the edge and creates a crisp border for the swirling strokes in the art.  The middle mat in “toasted almond” has a ½” reveal and reads as the relief before the dominant mat, which is a darker neutral “khaki” with a reveal over 2”.  Overall the treatment reads as a warm neutral, echoing the image without distracting from it.

Here are the materials and related cost details for this beautiful reproduction at

Two Horses (11” x 18 1/8) $20.00, framed in Antigua in Dark Brown Metallic AT3335 (16 ¾” x 23 7/8”) $33.92. The bottom mat is Bottle Blue (white core) CBW334 (16 ¾” x 23 7/8”) with 3" borders $7.31, middle mat Toasted Almond (white core) CBW239(16 ¾” x 23 7/8”) with 2 7/8" $7.31, and top mat Khaki (white core) CBW92 (16 ¾” x 23 7/8”) with 2 3/8" borders, 7.31. It is printed on Arches Aquarelle 310 DPAA310 (11” x 18 1/8”) $27.10, protected with standard acrylic $12.99 and dry-mounted $3.83 on standard foam core backing, $5.10. Total cost: $124.87

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