Friday, April 20, 2012

Check Out Our New DIY Guide to Framing FunDaMentals!

If you love your art, you want to frame it right, and I am so proud to present a great new resource to help you do just that. With a light-hearted approach to picture framing, AmericanFrame’s new book, DIY FramingFunDaMentals, is not your everyday ho-hum DIY manual. Packed with information every framer needs to know; the FunDaMentals is visually exciting with a touch of unexpected humor meant to inspire creative people who love and make art . 

This enjoyable and easy to use guide to designing and custom framing art and photography is on sale now at for $9.99.

In full-color with seventy pages of illustrations, step-by-step instructions and tips, DIY Framing Fundamentals covers every aspect of custom framing, from choosing a frame style to sizing a mat, measuring artwork, assembling the frame and using framing tools.    
This book is truly like no other.It’s graphically rich, easy to understand, and will truly make you laugh out loud.  We are very tuned in to our customers who are very creative and generally time crunched, so this reference was written to respect both qualities.
I've always maintained that learning to custom frame is an essential skill and our company is committed to teaching how to frame correctly. This can mean different things depending on the purpose of the frame treatment, the preferred style of framing or decor, and the budget set for the particular project. We all have art we need to frame and very few of us draw, paint or photograph in standard sizes.  Framing is simple and so satisfying with significant cost benefits (around 75% over retail chains).  Armed with the knowledge in DIY Framing FunDaMentals, you can choose to design and frame your own work, retaining 100% control over the project or collaborate with a professional framer as an educated consumer.
DIY Framing FunDaMentals illustrates how people can not only frame art, they can influence it.  Custom framing isn’t just about the right size frame. It’s also about interacting with the image.  Cropping the image with the use of a mat, or influencing the viewer’s impression by choosing bold or neutral framing treatments are just two of the opportunities of custom framing.   Everything is up for grabs, and for art lovers who thrive on individuality, that’s definitely good news.


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