Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Art of Framing

When we first decide to learn how to frame, we commonly focus on its mechanics. How do we measure? What is a mounting board? How do we decide if we need acid free materials? How do we connect the corners? To keep things simple and safe, we may stick to the most basic materials for our first order; perhaps a metal frame, standard plexi-glass, a single white mat board and foam core. We order a simple, timeless frame in a custom size for our particular picture.

Within a few days the order arrives and we are so excited! We eagerly rush to assemble our custom frame step by step. First we hinge the artwork to the mat board, lay it on the foam core mounting board, carefully peel the protection on off the plexi-glass, sandwich it together then slip these contents into our frame. And…VOILA! We’ve framed our own picture with professional results!! Suddenly, we’re the envy of our friends! Our accountants are smiling at the savings! (You know what I’m saying, right?) We’ve all been there!

With a little experience and some newfound confidence, we take on another project. Maybe this time, we play on the website and create several different options to consider and we wonder; how might the pros frame this?

This is where the new ‘Art of Framing’ e-tips come may be useful.

Starting this week, we are expanding our monthly ‘Featured Artist’ articles to include several picture framing tutorials by our in-house professionals. We will take one work and frame it three ways to give you design inspiration at distinct budget points. We’ll show you how to frame with ‘Thrifty Ease’, make it ‘Gallery Ready’ or create a ‘Fine Design’ showpiece! Over time, you will learn to design like a professional framer, all the while saving like a value shopper and of course, continue to be the envy of your friends…..

The mechanics of framing can be mastered within a few projects. Learning the ‘Art of Framing’ like any art is an ongoing process. With our online design tools and tutorials, we hope to inspire you and share our experience with you for many years to come.

To sign up for e-tips, simply visit our home page and enter your email address.

Happy Framing!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So, What’s New For You?

May I shower you with news you can use this April? First and foremost, our new and updated catalog The Essentials Handbook #38 is printed and ready to mail! This edition offers 32 pages of resources no framer should be without including our most popular lines of high quality picture frames, mat boards and supplies. To request your copy, please contact us and we will send it out to you promptly. If you are like me and prefer the convenience of the web, check out our online version.

For the full product line and current sales and specials, please always check our website.

In keeping with the newness of Spring, we are working to keep our product selection fresh and fashion forward. This month alone we are adding over 20 new mouldings to our Basics and Woodtones lines, many of which are certifiably eco-friendly. In Econo-woods, you will find new delicate carved petite frames and sophisticated choices in Bamboo. Be sure to watch for our next featured artist e-tip to be sent the week of April 18th. We’re changing up the format to not only feature the artist’s particular work, but to offer framing suggestions at various price points and style preferences based on the style and medium of the art itself. Our goal is to offer tutorials in an interesting ‘case study’ style format for those interested in refining their skills in material selection and frame treatment design. Next Wed April 13th is the last day to enter our Sweepstakes on Facebook. Even if you’re already a ‘fan’, be sure to sign up for a chance to win up to $300.00 in gift certificates! See details here.
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