Monday, November 21, 2011

May I Share Just a Few of My Fav-or-ite (new) Things?

Yes, ‘Tis the Season for giving. What a great time to create original gifts for the lucky loved ones on your list! 

As you shop our site, here are some new ‘things’ we've added that you won’t want to miss; 8 to be exact.... 

1) Holiday Specials 

 If you're on our e-tip list, you've received this. To sign up for e-tips, visit our sign-up page and enter your email address and we'll keep you up to date on product news, framing techniques and sales.

2) The New Printing Interface

These changes will make printing and framing or printing on canvas easier and exciting! 

Our selection of basic and fine art papers is now twice what it was so you can find just the right choice at the right price for your project. You'll also find a range of professional photo editing services like FREE basic retouching all the way through complete photo restoration. Upload your files up to 50MB in size to create large and dramatic art. 

What hasn’t changed: when you print with us we do the framing so your gift is ready to hang right out of the box. 

3) More Silvers and Golds than ever!
If your artwork calls for a traditional frame treatment or if you’re framing a mirror, click hereFor a more modern use of these finishes, look to the Nuance Collection where you’ll find shimmer and style in Platinum, White Gold, Taupe & Modern Brownstone.

N118 Gold with Red Tones

H3342 Silver

Nuance 97401 Modern Brownstone

Nuance 15201 White Gold

4) This year you see it everywhere - Matte White (as shown in this photo from Elle Decor Oct 2011)!

Studio 23460 Matte White
This look is easy to acheive with the white mouldings in our Studio collection of frames and a single white mat board with 4" to 6" borders. Or float your art  using an acrylic spacer to create depth. To see our complete selection of whites, Shop by Color in wood or metal to find the right white for your art. 

Studio 27560 Matte White
Basics L1192 Matte White 

5) Another trend in decor is the return of Shabby Chic 

Also now known as ‘The New Country’, we added frames to fit the theme. This collection is relaxed yet sophisticated stays in 5 carved mouldings in beautiful, subtle colors. 
Shabby Chic 12403 Tuscan Brown

6) If Mid-century Modern is more your style....

See the new solid Natural Walnut frames we’ve just added in the American Hardwoods and Infinity collections: the L990 and the 51490. The natural color and grain of the wood are protected, not stained, with a clear, water-based finish. Both are deep enough to to frame any kind of art or photography and are American Frame exclusives.

American Hardwoods L990 Natural Walnut, an AmericanFrame exclusive

7) When framing a piece for impact, the mat board matters 

and there is nothing (I repeat, nothing) that compares to the look of cotton rag. This season, we added a selection of Bainbridge AlphaRag 8ply boards in 6 neutral colors. The extra thick board gives a deep bevel cut, giving extra space between the art and the acrylic. In a word? Luxurious!

8) Frequent Framers: Have you noticed the new QuickShop interface?

If you know exactly what you want, use QuickShop. You'll find it on the top right tab of our home page. Build your frame treatment from the bottom up, adding the components you need along the way. Designed to make ordering easy and convenient for the frequent framer.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to see some samples, contact us. We love to help!


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