Monday, September 19, 2011

A Nice Testimonial to Share

On this rainy Monday, I was greeted by this testimonial upon my arrival to my office. Thank you Bob for your kind remarks and allowing us to share your experience. The pleasure is all ours!

September 16, 2011

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Over the years I have used your Comapny for framing photos we have taken. Recently I placed another order for prints in my wife's office. A little large at 30"x20", I know from past experience the resolution will be just fine from my Nikon D 90.

The order was placed Tuesday and arrived on Thursday. The work was just great, the packing was outstanding, the speed of service is hard to believe, the web site can be used by an old duffer like me without any problems and the price is fantastic.

You should enter you Company in some contest for most outstanding internet provider in the country. My money is on you.

Finally, as I checked the UPS tracking status of my order on Thursday and saw it would arrive that day, I was sitting at my computer thinking what a great company. An e-mail from my son who lives in Chicago arrived. It said "American Frame is amazing". I replied why? He responded. Ordered 2 pics printed and framed Monday night, 50 bucks each, free shipping, got here today." Obviously I've told my family and friends about you guys.

Thanks for your great service. It's a pleasure doing business with your company. Feel free to use this letter any way you want.

With Best Regards,

Bob C.

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