Monday, June 13, 2011

American Frame Proudly Chooses UPS Carbon Neutral Shipping

When it comes to our sustainability efforts, we agree that the proverbial ‘magic bullet’ simply doesn’t exist but taking all kinds of small actions help contribute to the greater good.

From that perspective, it’s a simple logical choice for us to make. Effective today June 13, 2011, American Frame will donate 5 cents per shipment for Ground Service and 20 cents per shipment for Air to the UPS Carbon Neutral Fund. We appreciate that UPS will match these donations up to $1 million through 2011. This money will be forwarded to 4 projects worldwide, our favorite being the Garcia River Forest project in California - a project that works to sustain precious Redwoods and Douglas Firs. “Redwood forests store more carbon per acre than any other forest type. Sustainable forest management of Garcia River enables the storage of more than 77,000 tons of carbon emissions annually."

You won’t see any impact on your costs from this contribution. All packages will be shipped Carbon Neutral and we will continue to offer Free Ground Service on all orders over $75.00. What you will see is is a ‘UPS Carbon Neutral Shipment’ tag on your shipping label for verification purposes.

Please share this information with anyone who ships and encourage them to do the same.

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