Monday, June 7, 2010

New Frame Collection: EcoCare Black Woods

Introducing EcoCare Blackwoods by Nurre Caxton!

We are pleased to announce the addition of three matte black wood mouldings featuring eco-friendly water-based gesso coatings which covers the wood grain for a smooth satin finish. It’s our most popular wood frame finish.

All frames in the EcoCare line are manufactured from responsibly harvested woods with water-based finishes which is important for the total recyclability of the product. EcoCare can go literally from "cradle to grave" and then back to cradle again, just like aluminum.

The 95204 is identical to our Basics L989 but is a better choice for the environment, so we encourage you to make the switch if you’ve been using that frame. Likewise, the new 96404 is very similar to the 8411 but not quite as wide - it’s 1 1/2” as opposed to 1 7/8” as the prices are the same.

Lastly, the 96404 is a deeper boxier frame, not quite as dramatic as our Infinity 49302, which makes it a nice Transitional style choice when depth is a requirement for the frame treatment.

If you would like to see samples before trying online, contact us with your request and we’ll ship them right out.


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