Thursday, February 4, 2010

Discover the paintings of featured artist, Aaron Bivins at

Working primarily in watercolor, oil and acrylic, Aaron paints a wide variety of subjects including portraits, animals, landscapes, barns, and florals. Shown here is a portrait of his wife, appropriately titled ‘Beauty’.

Aaron has quite an impressive list of credentials and is well represented in galleries across NW Ohio and SE Michigan. A former Jr. High Art Teacher in the Toledo Public School System, he continues to share his skills with the with the public is many different ways; as demonstrator, juror and via his watercolor workshops and classes.

Throughout his career, he has won Best of Show, First Place and many other awards at shows such as ‘Crosby Gardens Festival of the Arts’, The University of Toledo ‘Art on the Mall’ and ‘The Roots of Diversity Multicultural Show’ in Toledo, Ohio.

Aaron has had paintings represented at the Gloria Adams Gallery in Waterville, OH, The Hudson Gallery and The Kismet Gallery, Toledo, OH and has exhibited two, one man shows at Flatlander’s Gallery Blissfield, Michigan.

Currently, he is the featured artist at 20 North Gallery in Toledo for the 2010 Black History Month Exhibit. Congratulations Aaron!

He is an Associate member of the Ohio Watercolor Society. Past President of the Northwestern Ohio Watercolor Society also a member of the Toledo Artists Club. A UT alum, he was a former captain of the Rocket football team. How much more accomplished can one be?

To get a sense of him personally, click here to see him interviewed at the University of Toledo’s Art on the Mall exhibit last summer.

Fine Art Reproductions of his work are available for purchase in the American Frame Art Gallery.


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  4. He is the featured artist in 20 North Gallery in Toledo for its 2010 Black History Month Exhibit. Congratulations Aaron!

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